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Since October 5th, 2010, each commercial designed for TV broadcast needs to have its own identification number, or PubID. This number will be needed in order to receive preclearance from ARPP. This unique number assigned to each commercial will follow it all through its life and allows data keeping across the whole advertising industry.

PubID is an innovative way to permanently identify an advert at each stage of its creation and publication.

PubID number will index information such as : the name of the advertiser, the name of the product, the name of the advertising agency, ARPP preclearance, music. etc..

The two main advantages are :

  • Pub ID avoids the repetition of key boarding.
  • Allows a standardization of the data for all actors of the creation process.

On the website, each advertising agency or advertiser can check all the ID numbers of its company, create new ID numbers and handle its ID numbers. (Change the data associated, give information on the music…) For more information on this innovation, see our web site or and download the document below.

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